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Classes & Workshops

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Sound Bath with Dawn Elisabeth

Friday, Jan.27th 



Join Dawn for a transformational, sensory experience. Lie down or sit comfortably as you are immersed in the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls, drums, bells, rattles, and Tibetan singing bowls. Transport effortlessly into a relaxed, meditative state.

Benefits of Sound Bath

  • Encourages relaxation & stress relief

  • Supports deep meditation

  •  Improves concentration 

  • Elevates mood

  • Balances the energetic body

  • Encourages self-healing


****Bring a yoga mat, blankets, and a pillow to be comfortable.  Space is limited, call now.****

Sign up required contact Wicked Peaceful at or call 1-508-316-3830.

Archangel, Angel, Spirit Guide Communication Circle

Booking now for

Zoom class-Tuesdays: 

Jan 10th



In-person class at Wicked Peaceful Thursdays:

Jan. 12 



Come practice communicating with the Angels, Archangels, and Spirit Guides. Bring messages of love, hope, healing, and guidance to others in the circle. All levels of ability are welcome to this open circle. Use your Psychic and Mediumship gifts to connect and communicate with the higher realm. 

Sign-up required contact Wicked Peaceful at or call 1-508-316-3830.


Drum Circle with Sha

First Thursday of the month

Jan. 5th 

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm



Let’s gather together to drum, journey, discover, and heal.
A drum circle is a way to connect to the heartbeat of mother earth and a way to connect to the helping spirits around us.
This circle is led by Shamanic Practitioner, Sha Blackburn.  We have drums to borrow if needed.

Sign-up required contact Wicked Peaceful at or

call 1-508-316-3830.


Spirit Communication Circle

Online by Zoom Tuesdays:

Jan. 10th


In-person @ Wicked Peaceful Thursdays:

Jan. 12th



Bring loving and healing messages to ourselves and others from those in spirit. Do you feel that you are communicating but need a place to try it out? Come join us for this circle to see if you can connect and pass on the messages to others in the circle. This class is open to all levels of ability.

Sign up required contact Wicked Peaceful at or call 1-508-316-3830.


Teen/Young Adult Intuitive Empowerment Circle

Meets First Friday of each Month

Jan 6th


$30 per person

Are you sensitive to the energy around you? Is your mood effected by others? Being sensitive or empathic should not hold you back in life. Come learn to empower yourself by embracing, learning, and growing your spiritual knowledge. Each month we will focus on a new topic such as energy protection and clearing, crystals, auras, manifesting, psychic and mediumship activities as well. Learn to awaken and build boundaries. Become aware and be able to use the intuitive gifts you already have but might not be aware of to live your best life. Plus meet likeminded teens and young adults.

Sign up required contact Wicked Peaceful at or call 1-508-316-3830.

Workshops In January

Relax, Reiki, Rock, and Roll

Relax, Reiki, Rock, and Roll
Fee: $60
Hosted By Liz Phillips

Have you ever wondered what Reiki is all about? Curious about energy, Chakras, and how we can be affected by an unbalanced one?
Have you ever wanted to learn more about crystals or essential oils?
This workshop is JUST for you.
Relax, Reiki, Rock, and Roll will help you to understand how events, emotions, and our mindset can affect our mind body, and soul.
In this workshop, we will explore chakras, energy, crystals, essential oils, and affirmations which will help you to open and balance your most inactive energy centers.
You will walk away with basic knowledge of the seven major chakras, one healing crystal, one essential oil roller, and an affirmation specifically crafted just for you.

If you would like to attend please let us know at or 508-316-3830

Discover Divination! 

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