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Why "Wicked Peaceful"?

Coming from a big family-- mainly Italian and Irish but mixed with bits of other nationalities too-- nothing is a secret. Eventually, what starts as an idea becomes a family discussion that grows bigger and bigger over time through in-person talks and text messages. That's how Wicked Peaceful came to be ours.
We grew up in Hyde Park, eventually moving to the suburbs. "Wicked" was always a word to express how something is beyond or extreme. After going through many individual and family discussions, we picked our name-- "Wicked Peaceful."
Then it became the red car; you buy the red car so you can find it in the sea of grey cars only to find out, after buying it, how many red cars there are.
Yes, "Wicked" this, "wicked" that happened. Yes, everyone has opinions. "Wicked is a witch thing," "'Wicked Peaceful' is too hippie," "sounds like a marijuana shop." Oh well. We like it.

Lotus Pose
Lotus Pose

Why Open Wicked Peaceful - Mind, Body, Soul?

The thing about life; is it'll never be perfect. We have lessons to learn and mistakes to make. We have learned from the many twists and turns that the most important thing is how you handle those challenges. We all choose whether we want a routine we don't like if we wish to step outside the box, or whether or not we want to be happy. Life is always challenging, and sometimes, we need to pull from everything we have learned.

Here at Wicked Peaceful, we have all had our challenges. From anxiety and depression to autoimmune diseases and cancer. Jill's amnesia and our Dad's passing of cancer were the best and worst. You may be wondering, "what could be good about that?" It showed us we needed to open Wicked Peaceful. Stress, bills, illness, etc., will always be a part of life. You can get through anything when you see the good and enjoy the little things.

Our goal at Wicked Peaceful is to help empower others so that when things are not going great, they can still find their joy. We want to show others that medicine alone is not always the only answer. When combined with energy healing, you can achieve mind, body, and soul balance; whole healing.

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