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Sara Hillery

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Being the youngest of 5 allowed me to observe all the activities and hobbies my older brother and sisters did, but it also made it hard to figure out what I wanted to do. As I got older, I tried different jobs, searching for a future. In my early 20's, I started getting premonitions. It was scary and surprising to know when something would happen before it happened. I would learn things, and I couldn't explain how. I was lucky because I come from an open-minded family and have an older sister who was already into psychic and mediumship-related things.
I started taking divination skills such as dowsing rods and emotional freedom techniques, but at the same time, my most substantial connection was to angels. I chose to ignore my gifts; it wasn't the right time. They went away for a bit but eventually came back. One day, after I started thinking of retaking mediumship classes, my sister needed assistance in one of hers, so I agreed to help and have not looked back since.
While reading, in one of my circles, a woman, her dog, came through and told me so much information. Afterward, I found out that animals don't do that for most people. Thus began my love for communicating with animals.
I am reiki trained, but my love is in mediumship readings, animal communication readings, and intuitive psychic readings using angel or tarot cards.
My sensitive, empathetic side helps me connect to angels, guides, animals, and spirits on the other side. My honesty and ability to observe allow me to bring through evidential information, big and little details, and messages from those on the other side.

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