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Jill Marie

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I have been doing reiki, crystal healing, psychic, and mediumship readings for over ten years. I have clients in the U.S. and internationally, and I love to teach as well; children, teens, and adults.

I grew up in a catholic family attending church every Sunday. When I was a teen, my Uncle passed away-- it was my first close experience with losing a loved one. It was also my first experience with seeing a spirit. From there, my gifts grew to hear a feeling spirit. I did not know much about psychics and mediums, so in the beginning, I spent time working with others and reading many books.

After graduating college, I took a job in a lab at a pharmaceutical company and joined a psychic/mediumship development circle. As my gifts grew, so did my confidence. I started giving public readings on the side, and eventually, health issues forced me to leave the lab and put myself entirely into readings and reiki-- which is honestly my true passion.

I am an empath-- grew up a sensitive child who liked to observe rather than be a part of things. I am very introverted except when doing healings, readings, and teaching others about energy, balance, and finding their true, authentic self.

If I ever needed validation that this is my place in the world, I got it after my 13th surgery. I lost too much oxygen to my brain, was intubated, and placed in a medically induced coma. I ended up with retro amnesia and had to relearn everything. The one thing I didn't lose was my connection to spirit. I was mad at them, but I never stopped hearing and feeling them.

I now have a different viewpoint of the world. I no longer have the stress of growing up, the focus of life. Some days, I feel like

I see the world as a child. Amnesia has allowed me to be more open to love and peace. My gifts have only grown stronger. I truly believe life is about living, learning, and making mistakes. I think we're all in this together and need to help each other with whatever our talents are. I believe that no matter how impossible or frustrating life gets, if we can laugh and continue, we are winning. 

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