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Reiki Healing

This Japanese form of energy healing is an alternative medicine used in various practices. Reiki transfers universal energy from the practitioner to the client in a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing. Reiki activates the client's body's healing power. Reiki is used to balance, clear, and promote healing of the whole body physically, emotionally, and spiritually.​

60 minutes for $100  

90 minutes for $150

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

with Essence

This form of alternative therapy is a hands-on practice using

the nine healing angels of the energy field to align your chakras. With loving help from them, they will assist in removing energy blocks to allow energy to flow freely through you, balancing you.

Shamanic Reiki Healing

with Doug Verry

Come and experience a Shamanic Reiki Healing with Doug Verry.

This is a Reiki healing with a beautiful twist! Using sound such as drums, rattle, and singing bowls Doug incorporates his Shamanic training with traditional Reiki healing to give you a profound healing that resonates through all layers of being. This is the kind of healing that helps you get un-stuck! Let us help you remove the energy that is stagnant and no longer serving your highest and best good so you can live your life with grace and ease!

Appointments preferred

15 minutes $30

30 minutes $60 

Mind, Body & Soul

After a consultation at the beginning of your appointment, your practitioner will determine, discuss and then perform the healing and services that will best suit you in your healing journey.

 75 minutes for $180

Sound Healing

Crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, and triangles send healing vibrations to help promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and whole body, mind, and soul healing. You'll feel a deep sense of well-being as the sounds and vibrations help promote healing and help reduce anxiety and stress.

                      45 minutes for $80

              Combine with Crystal Grid for $100

Soul Talk

The soul holds all the answers you are looking for. The soul knows everything about you. Yet we tend to listen more to our ego than our soul. Using Karen Palino's Soul Entrainment Method, you will access your higher self to communicate with your soul easily and clearly to help yourself heal, gather insight and resolve things that no longer serve you.

minutes for $200

Moonbeams & Reiki with Mary Jo

This style of energy healing combines the cycles of the Moon and the varying energy from each phase with Reiki, the Japanese style of energy healing. The cycles of the Moon have the power of the Divine Goddess and help heal the mind, body, and spirit. The Moon energy enhances the benefits of Reiki to maximize the healing experience. Each session ends with a mini Moonology card reading. 

60 minutes: $180

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