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This Month's Workshops

Beginner Psychic  & Mediumship Workshop 

Tuesday, December 13th,  7 pm – 9 pm   

& December 14th  7pm – 9pm

Two-night workshop, Fee $99

Has someone ever told you that you seem to have psychic abilities? Do you have vivid dreams? Or do you feel like you know things before they happen?  Come learn the basics of Psychic and Mediumship development with medium/psychic Jill Hillery. 

Magick From Everyday Items

December 21st  7:00pm-8:30pm
Cost $60

Did you know you have everything you need at home to create spells for every need? If you have ever purchased a spell book, you know that sometimes the ingredients can be costly and hard to find. Not everyone has access to a new age shop, but we still have a need to work our magick! This workshop is fun and interactive. You will learn from a lifelong practicing witch how to create spells from items you have in your home. The majority of the items we will use are common things found in 95% of homes across the country. These spells are real and they work!
Class taught by Sha Blackburn - the LoonWitch 

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