Drum Circle with Sha

Thursday Nights

Nov. 3rd,  Dec. 1st

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm



Let’s gather together to drum, journey, discover, and heal.
A drum circle is a way to connect to the heartbeat of mother earth and a way to connect to the helping spirits around us.
This circle is led by Shamanic Practitioner, Sha Blackburn.  We have drums to borrow if needed.


Spirit Communication Circle

Online by Zoom Tuesdays:

Nov. 22nd & Dec. 6th

In person @ Wicked Peaceful Thursdays:

Nov., 10th, & Dec.8th

7:00pm -8:30pm


Bring loving and healing messages to ourselves and others from those in spirit. Do you feel that you are communicating but need a place to try it out? Come join us for this circle to see if you can connect and pass on the messages to others in the circle. This class is open to all levels of ability


Teen/Young Adult Intuitive Empowerment Circle

Meets First Friday of each Month from

November 4th,  December 2nd


$30 per person

Are you sensitive to the energy around you? Is your mood effected by others? Being sensitive or empathic should not hold you back in life. Come learn to empower yourself by embracing, learning, and growing your spiritual knowledge. Each month we will focus on a new topic such as energy protection and clearing, crystals, auras, manifesting, psychic and mediumship activities as well. Learn to awaken and build boundaries. Become aware and be able to use the intuitive gifts you already have but might not be aware of to live your best life. Plus meet likeminded teens and young adults.

Sign up required contact Wicked Peaceful at bookings@wickedpeaceful.com or call 1-508-316-3830.

Ancestral Healing Workshop

11 /26 10 am – 12: 30 pm

Workshop length 2.5 hours. Cost $75


In today’s modern society, we often don’t consider our ancestors and our lineage's impact on our day-to-day lives. By establishing a connection to our ancestors and developing a personal ancestral healing practice, we can transform ingrained patterns carried through generations promoting physical, emotional, mental, financial, energetic, and spiritual issues. Through ancestral healing, we may remove blocks preventing us from reaching our highest potential and achieving our goals.


During this workshop, Dawn will provide you with the knowledge to begin your own personal ancestral practice and debunk the notion that you must have knowledge of your lineage to have a relationship with your ancestors.  


This workshop will include lectures, rituals, and meditation. It is recommended that you obtain a DNA test, but it's not a requirement.


Topics that will be covered are as follows:

  • Types of Ancestors

  • Your Family Tree

  • Trauma, Patterns, Conditioning, and Expectations

  • Spiritual Hygiene

  • Ancestor Communication

  • Altars & Offerings

  • Ritual

Drum Circle With Sha